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Malta International Fireworks Festival, 24 July 2020

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The Malta International Fireworks Festival has been illuminating the skies of the archipelago for many years and the Festival is a real competition between pyrotechnic companies from all over the worl


3rd place Blanes - International Festival of Fireworks on the Costa Brava

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Fireworks are a long-standing tradition in Blanes, with references to displays in the town dating back to 1891. The fireworks competition was first held in 1971 and has become firmly established over


1st Place Bilbao International Fireworks Festival

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1st Place International Fireworks Festival Tarragona 2018

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Spain - San Sebastián International Fireworks Festival

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The international festival takes place every year during the week of mid-August and is opened by the“Canonazo” (cannon shot), that’s the kick off of seven days of traditional shows, outdoor conc


Malta International Fireworks Festival 2016

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The project to participate in the event was written by Angelo Poleggi who was, with his aged 29 years of age, the youngest exponent of his family. To realize the show, specific and very sophisticated